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More Evidence:  Common Core Failing?  ​posted 31 March 2018

Draft History and Social Studies Frameworks Continue Trend Toward Dumbing Down Public School Content  

Why are Farmington Test Scores Poor and Declining?  posted 3 March 2018

Why Are Farmington Test Scores Declining ?

Looking at the chart above,  I would conclude that this is a poor outcome of academic achievement.   I know from previous school board experience that many of our students thrive in post-secondary school settings. The New Hampshire House Education Committee has been struggling with the number of remedial classes students must take to be able to function at the college level.  Other states, like Illinois, have similar problems with academic achievement.  

The question is:  " Are the testing vehicles validated to measure actual academic achievement?"  Do the tests predictably measure what the student knows with a reasonable accuracy? Professor emeritus Sandra Stotsky was chosen to examine the Common Core standards and concluded that student academic achievement would put students two years behind by the end of eighth grade.  She is an expert in the language arts curriculum.  Professor James Milgrim at Stanford University was the expert in math chosen to evaluate common core math standards and concluded the same two years loss of academic achievement by the end of eighth grade.  Are their predictions coming to fruition?  

We have approximately 783 mandatory attendance students in Farmington schools.  The cost proposed per student hovers around $21,000.  That is $17,179,939 divided by 783 equals $21,941 spent per student.  There are approximately 92 nonmandatory students that are not included and reflected in the bottom line budget proposed.   The state average spent per student is approximately $15,000.  We are spending 40% more on academic achievement and scoring much lower than the state average.

 The experimentation gravitating away from direct instruction has caused havoc and put us behind many countries on the world academic scale.  to be continued......